Who is the most gentle story in english

Who is the most gentle story in english


Who is the most gentle story in english

Who is the most gentle story in english, Two people lived in a city and he was very gentle, he suffered a lot if he touched his body, then he was going from one village to his other village, when he was going to another village, then he A man found in the way and asked the way of that village


Wherever he had to go, the man told that path and said that there is a second village at some distance from here, you can go from there comfortably to the other village when there is a man whom he knew and there They came there to stay with them


Then the man had to stay in both of them, the night was going to happen. After eating the food, both of them went to a room for sleeping. Then after a while, the people who had come near said that I would marry my girl with that person. The most gentle


If you are the gentlest of the two, then you will marry your girl along with him. After listening to the marriage, the two men were pleased and went to sleep. Then when he was asleep then that man kept a hair under his bed and the other She placed a piece of wood under the bed


They both fell asleep when both of them got scratched on the back of the morning, then the man noticed that the marks of both were made, the hair marks on the back of the person whose hair he had placed under it became the same. And the mark of the wood beneath which he had placed it also became like that.


Now the man was feeling that with whom of these two should marry his girl because both of them were gentle, after thinking a lot, that man thought that he should go to Sadhu Maharaj


Who is the most gentle story in english, If he solves our problem, then he went to Sadhu Maharaj and tell all the problems, only then Sadhu Maharaj said that the person who has the mark on the back of the child is the most gentle, because the marks of hair should be very soft and in which There may be a scar on the back of the child. The person is the most gentle man now the man had come to understand that with whom he has to marry his girl.

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