Old women’s life, true sad stories

true sad stories

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true sad stories

Old women’s life

true sad stories, The elderly lived in the village. The old lady used to stay alone in her village. She had no one with her. She had only one boy who had gone out of any work. When the old lady came back from her work, she also accompanied the old lady. started living.


And with whatever he had earned, he had bought some animals in his village, so that he was running his farm and his family properly, the old lady had to marry his boy so that he always worried that If a girl gets a good wife then my home will be like heaven.

Then one day his boy got a relationship and he got married to a girl and because of which he was married, it was a very smart woman when the boy went out of work, he did not give the old woman anything to eat.


In this way the old woman started getting disturbed and her mental illness started to grow gradually. The old woman started getting sick gradually. The old lady did not say this to her boy at all, because if she tells the boy to talk, then the boy is in trouble. will come.


He was lying in his house in the condition of old age, when he saw that there was a bear coming in his house and moving towards the girl’s wife. When all this old lady saw it, the old lady got up and dared Walks towards the bear with thick sea wood


When the boy’s wife got up, she saw that the old Amma was trying to take out the bear and trying to save her, then the two got together the bear from there and the girl’s wife apologized to the old Amma and asked for her mistakes. for,


true sad stories, Forgive me, whatever bad thing I have done to you, both happily started living in my house happily and now the situation in the house improved well. The boy did not know at all what happened in his house His house was filled with happiness, old Amma also seemed very good too.

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