true and real ghost stories in english

True and real ghost stories in english

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true and real ghost stories in english

true and real ghost stories in english, All the people of the ghost witch have kept talking about something. But I do not get any concrete proof about whether this happens or not. But I am going to tell you about an incident that has decreased with me myself. It’s a matter of time when I used to go to town from my village. I was quite late to come from my company that day. I was about 9 o’clock at night. Where I used to just sit, it was about 3 kilometers from our village. By the way, I used to come up to 5.30 daily, and I used to get some kind of ride too,


But due to being late on that day, I could not find any rides for the village, and I was walking on the deserted path of my village. It was a lot of trouble for me to walk on the path of the village and the stones lying on it. The whole path was deserted, neither any other party nor any man I and this was a deserted way. I had often heard that I woke up the ghost of the ghost witch that night. So no one pauses at night, I do not stop. Both the trees and the trees on the road looked like trees, but there is no ghost or a witch that I would eat a while.


I was scared very much and was also walking, chanting Ram’s name. Something went away, that was the voice of someone walking behind me. Looking back, no one was able to see me. But the voice was clearly heard. So he was the one who was equal to not having it. As soon as I walk fast, the sound goes as fast as I can. Once I even thought of running but the path is so bad that I could not even run. I started looking at both of them and here and went on walking fast ahead. But after a while I saw someone standing in a field.


true and real ghost stories in english, I thought he would be a person and he started making voice. But he was not a human but a ghost, which was moving me and the way forward as if there was an air faster and coming to me. His statue was gradually getting bigger. As soon as he came to me and suddenly disappeared like a smoke from my breath. I just kept seeing him, after all what he was. Which has disappeared from the moment itself. When I first came to know something, then suddenly the fields of the yat shouted loudly to me …. I ran away from him or her rather ran to my house, ran and soon entered my house. I went home and told all this to everyone. How did I feel ghost and witch today?

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