The scary stories of trees

The scary stories of trees

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The scary stories of trees

Quick scary stories, This story belongs to that tree, who had no one to go, because that tree was very old, many people had heard of that tree, that tree has a ghost, no man is on it One day Ramu’s boy had come home, Ramu’s boy did not live in that village, he went out of the village to read, Ramu’s boy had come here now because his school holiday for a few days That was why he was in his vacation  came, boy Ramu did not know about that tree,


Ramu’s boy roamed the next morning, went to that tree, the sunlight was very fast, so he sat down under the same tree, after some time some voice came from that tree, Ramu’s boy saw no eye It was not coming, she was thinking, who is calling me, but no one was able to see me, after some time the voice came again, is the son of Ram Ram again looked after but nobody Was


Now the boy of Ramu had stood, because now he had to see who was, a voice came that you are Ramu’s boy, he said, who are you, I do not see, he said that the tree, under which You are sitting, speaking from the same tree, it has been a long time, but no one comes here, I am thinking in this why no one is afraid of me, while I do not get any harm in anyone, Ramu’s boy was listening to that tree, that tree Award you wanted to be independent, so he was not always a sure voice,


But no one came near that tree till today, aaj you have come, Ramu’s son said, what should I do, that tree said that you should give me a little water, in this I want, Ramu’s boys After that the water was put in water, after that the voice of the tree had never come, perhaps he was waiting for it, then that sound was like that, after that Ramu’s son had gone to his house, when everyone knew it Everyone was sad about this, we all scared Area were not due there,

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