The New Forest Story In English

The New Forest Story In English

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story in english, forest path, At that time we were taught that if we do not do any work at the time then there is a lot of trouble after this when it is when we were making some thoughts to go to the forest to make a party we were only a few friends Who had planned all this, we went to Ramesh’s house because Ramesh had always said that our village has a forest and it is very big, if someone goes inside it, it would have been very difficult to come back Land.


We liked it very much that it is so big that we got ready to go for some friends, Ramesh had already gone to his village, because we had to go after two days, so to prepare all the preparations For Ramesh had already gone out, we had reached Ramesh and next morning we had to get out of Ramesh, we had kept all the necessary precautions.


We spent the night in that jungle and had to come back the next day, all our friends started moving forward in that forest, all of us were going to the forest while talking and when we grew more and more of the forest, Ramesh felt a thread on a distance We were asking why are you doing this? Ramesh said that we should come back too. We felt that this is all useless. We will come back and stop Ramesh from doing so,


We started moving ahead of the forest, we walked for about three hours. Now there was a little hunger too. We all ate the food and after some time rested, we rested while sleeping and all slept on the same We were all inside the jungle, when the eyes were open, we were left watching, because now it was dark. We were very late today, we were very late at eight o’clock, now we had started putting tents on the same, When the night happened, that strange noise Was coming from the thaw


We had never heard such sounds before, we did not know that there was a noise in the forest, it had happened in the morning, the way to go back was not even seen. Ramesh said that we do not know how we will now find a way, We do not have anything that we can find out the road, which you were putting on Ramesh thread, you did it, now what we did all of us wandered in that jungle all day but there was no way,


The next day’s night had happened, now the mind was also getting disturbed, all the friends were fighting on some thing, sleeping on whatever food they had left over at night, sleeping tonight I did not know how we would get out of this trouble, then in the morning after looking for a road, I heard the voice of a car,


story in english, forest path, It seemed like there is a car near it. It means that we have come to the road. Everyone was happy on the face, we came out of the other road of the forest, Ramesh’s village was about 15 kms away from that road. It was, all of us had reached Ramesh’s village till evening, and never went to that forest anymore.

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