The banyan tree inspiration stories

The banyan tree inspiration stories


inspiration stories

inspiration stories, The banyan tree in a village everyone banyan tree always used to worship worship the banyan tree were passed several years one day Banyan Tree villagers saw then was very weak and his roots Is slowly ending.


Why not cut it to assist needy whose homes have wood to be taken to prepare the huts which should give wood to build huts idea thinking villagers began cutting the banyan tree.


Those who needed them went given timber when Banyan was being cut and said to the tree banyan that if people went to be used when you worship the big greedy when you need and ends when the need for them it Are cutting you down.


inspiration stories, The banyan tree gave the same answer to that tree that I am very happy that even today I have been working for others even after cutting. Every person should never ever come to work for someone, then always have feelings for others in the human being. Only then will every human being come to work for the other person, in such a way that when trees can also be used for our work, then it is very important for a person to work for each other. If you liked this story then please share it further and tell us also.

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