Test of god story with moral in english

story with moral in english

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    story with moral in english

Test of god Story

story with moral in english, english story, One son used to work in a temple named Suresh, he used to clean the temple every day and he stayed in the temple, he used to keep himself in the temple of Shri Krishna Ji and believed in God as everything. Was


One day a thief came to the temple and stole it in the temple. Suresh was not at all aware that when Suresh got up in the morning and started cleaning him, his attention did not go to the temple ornaments at all, to stole the temple ornaments Had been taken.


When the time of the Aarti was done, when the priest came to the temple like aarti, there was no one to say on idols and all the doubts went on to Suresh and all the people started to consider Suresh as a thief and the village’s chief also gave Suresh Hit too much and escaped from there.


When Suresh was going through the path and he was very upset then he received a monk and Suresh gave his message to the sadhu and said that all the people consider me a thief. Sadhu Maharaj said that there is no need to worry about you. God does not take the test of all.


Perhaps you are also taking the exam and want to know how good his devotee is for them. Suresh had stopped by the sadhu Maharaj and he started serving him, while the thief came again to steal in the village and this time it was caught And upon catching, he has told that the temple jewelry was also stolen by him.


story with moral in english, english story, Everyone started thinking that we killed Suresh and told him a thief, Pradhan ji sent his servants to bring Suresh back, the servants saw Suresh Maharaj at Suresh here and took him along with Pradhanji In front of Pradhan ji married his daughter with Suresh and Suresh happily lived happily with his family.

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