Story of preaching in english

Story of preaching in english

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My name is Prem Prakash and I am a resident of Delhi. The story I am going to tell you today is based on a sermon. These teachings are also there as well as a learning. What is learning or preaching, they will know you inside this story. Which is as follows. Once a leader, with all the people, by inviting a person named Jadav, which was a bit like Jadav.



Called on evening meal and preaching. Jadav had not eaten anything that day. Therefore, he was also happy when he was invited, so that he would get some good food today, so Jadav happily came to the house. It was too late that the master started the discourse after the arrival of the people, then went on talking to the subjects after one, whereas Jadav saw that the meeting was not completed even after 2-3 hours, then Jadav started having trouble. .



As the 1-1 min was passed, Jadeva started having trouble. Even after a while, when Guru’s speech did not stop, Jadav got up from the middle and asked if I could ask something. The master thought that Jadav should have a question about some religion related subject, so he said that yes you can ask anything. On this, Jadav answered, have you ever eaten anything in these stories. So friends, how do you tell this story, let us know so that we can give you better stories than you.

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