Do not get angry, story of english

story of english


story of english

Do not get angry

story of english, A man lived in a city and he was very good in nature, he never used to anger and he had completely extinguished his anger. Everyone knew that anger did not come at all.


There were some people living in Ashok Nagar who were disturbed by the man why they do not get angry, while all people are upset with anger then they only plan that we should make them angry


Those people put some people with them to get angry, then they tried very hard but the man did not come to anger at all, and he spoke comfortably in such a way that he thought that such a thing would not work, we should make an angry


So he asked his servant to give some reward that if you let your boss angry, we will give you some money in the reward. The servant knew that the owner does not like salt at all, he does not like the salt at all Was


So he put too much salt in the meal when the owner ate the food, then said that today he has made a very good meal. You make a very good meal and by saying this, the master went to sleep.


The servant began to think that the owner did not get angry even today. The next morning, the servant then got salt in the food and then the man said that the food has been made as good even today.


story of english, The servant too got upset that the owner was not angry at all, and the people also got upset and went away from there that the boss would never get angry.

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