Sadness in life, stories read online

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Sadness in life

stories read online, Once a man came to a sadhu Maharaj, the man said to Sadhu Maharaj, I am very sad in Maharaj. You must remove my problems.


Sadhu Maharaj asked, “What is it that you are suffering from so many problems?” On this man said that I am not able to do anything for my children, I can not even arrange them for living.


We are running with all our troubles which can not be redressed. Sadhu Maharaj should tell you such a solution so that all our solutions will be resolved, Maharaj asked, have you some capital, from which you can do something Yes, the man said that I do not have any capital.


So Sadhu Maharaj said that you have to work hard only by earning hard money, you can get the peace of your home from that person. After listening to the sadhu Maharaj, the man left from there.


After that, his disciples asked Sadhu Maharaj that they would tell you all that there is happiness and misery, but why sadness happens then the sadhu Maharaj took his disciples along the side of a river and said that I You will answer your question on this.


After seeing all the disciples and after that Sadhu Maharaj asked all the disciples to sit in the boat and asked to run the paddle while sitting in the boat. When the disciples tried to run the paddle, then Sadhu Maharaj said that the paddle was on one side only Do not run on the other side.


On this, the disciples said that how can this happen if we run a paddle on one side then the boat will continue to roam at one place only then Sadhu Maharaj said that this is the reason that happiness and misery are both in our life.


If happiness is a pleasure, then we will never be able to see the pain, and when we do not have the feeling of sadness, we will not get much information about the pleasures and the person will not be satisfied.

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stories read online, Therefore happiness and misery continue to go on in life and in this way all the disciples have satisfied the point of Sadhu Maharaj.

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