Smart girl short stories for children

Smart girl, short stories for children

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short stories for children

short stories for children, This story is of a clever girl. This girl was very clever. It was easy to do all the work. The girl’s name was Roma. She used to live in the village and lived in the village.


Roma was very clever in reading. Everyone used to praise Roma. Roma used to help everyone, and her work comes. One day Roma was going to her school, then her eyes fell on the people standing on a river.


People were standing on it watching something, Roma also went to them and Roma began to see that a 3 year old girl was drowning in water, but no one was going to the river to save her. The bag has been lowered and jumped into the river


They came back after rescuing a 3-year-old girl. All of them were watching the people standing there, so no one was able to jump into the river. But Roma jumped into the river without worrying and saved the life of that girl.


Everyone was amazed at the bravery of Roma when Roma went to school, praised Roma by all the people, and the principals there also praised Roma and Roma was given the prize and Roma has made a very successful girl in the future. He also developed his village.


short stories for children, Everyone should be aware that if anybody is in trouble, then he should definitely help him because if the people do not help then if we do not, then we all should become like Roma. If you liked this story then please share it further. Also tell us by commenting. If you liked this story then please share it further and tell us also.

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