Sky and earth free english short stories

free english short stories

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Sky and earth free english short stories

Sky and earth

Sky and earth free english short stories, Once, two men came out to roam when both of them came out, they saw the sky from a distance and saw that the sky and the earth were getting very far, both of them talked each other and began to say, we have to go to that place where Both the earth and the sky meet.

Both were very happy because they had never seen this happen and today they were thinking that we will go to the place where both sky and earth meet, both of them went on their journey and started looking for the place where But they had to reach


As soon as he went to the place and the distances continued to grow, both of them thought that we had come so far, yet we are seeing the same distance as much as it is. Why is it happening that sky and earth are where we meet Just can not

Yet both of them were thinking that we should do one and try and move forward and after traveling some days, the same distance is going on. Then both started thinking why is it happening with us that as we walk, the sky and the earth Both of us get away.


Walking on one of the cities, he met a man and asked him, whenever we see the earth and sky coming away, we can not reach here, then that man said that this earth is round because you will never have that place Find you


Sky and earth free english short stories, Both began to talk among themselves that it was in our thoughts only when the earth and the sky could be found, but we do not know the path, and that is the path of heaven, then they came to understand that the earth is round, so wherever we go, At that distance the sky and earth are dispelled, then both men lose their tired and go back to their home.

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