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Story of owner

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Today I am going to tell you a story, which belongs to the owner and one of his servants. At the same time, it also gives you a lesson. What is the learning, what we will tell you next story. At Harish’s house there was a middle-aged servant. He used to wake up late everyday. Her habit of this house was troubled by her.


He complained to that servant to Harish Saheb and asked him to take him out. In response to this, only Harish Saheb explained that. Everyone explained to him, but despite this there was no effect on him. Now you explain only to the servant The villagers requested Harish Saheb. The next day Harish Saheb got up. A latha filled the water and stood near the servant’s head. The servant was still deep in sleep.


They raised him slowly and said, “Boss!” Wake up the morning Wash your hands. I now arrange tea and bath water for you. So they went away saying so. Here the servant gets disturbed that what is happening is happening, somewhere I am not dreaming. He was thinking about sitting still,


only when Harish Saheb appeared with tea. They come and talk to the owner, take tea to drink and take a bath. The servant is very nervous. Apologize while saying sorry Since today no one will complain about my rising to sleep. Harish Saheb smiled on this. The next day, there was no room for surprise among all the people, that the servant was up and running all the way home.


The servant got overwhelmed by the politeness of Harish. Harish Saheb explained to the people of his house, the greatness of humility in the conduct of a person is that he is able to put his influence in front of the person with very simplicity. If you want to create an effect by your behavior in society, place humility in life. So you know what you got from this story. That’s why you should always be humble towards others.

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