Waiting for god, real stories of god

real stories of god

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real stories of god

Waiting for god

real stories of god, real god stories, priests used to worship his priesthood very well in a village, and people used to worship him very well every day, but the priests used to think that when God would give me a glimpse, it was always the same thing in the mind of the priest that I I do a very good pooja and sing the virtues of God


But God never used to visit me, worshiping the priest in the temple one day and all the people were also chanting the arti when the puja was finished, the priest distributed Prasad in the temple and all the people took Prasad and walked to his house.


When the priests were coming down from the stairs of the temple, they saw a child sitting there. The priest asked, who are you and why are you sitting here, then he said that I am very hungry and anyone can eat anything Have not even given


The priest thought that this child will sit for such hunger for a long time, so the priest gave him the prasad and said that I should feed you some food, then the priest, who brought him to the temple with him, Gave


The girl’s clothes were torn apart in a small place. The priest gave her a fine cloth from inside and said that wear it. Your clothes have become dirty and even torn, then the child took the cloth and walked from there. Has been


real stories of god, real god stories, Then the next day when he came to the temple to worship, saw that Radha was wearing the same clothes that the priest had given to the girl, now the priest had understood everything that Lord appeared to me Have gone. If you liked this story then please share it further and tell us also.

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