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real life stories, This is a true story many years ago a boy was going to play some boys, one of the boys had told this story to us. The name of this boy Raju, The Raju’s friends always used to play; One day, all the friends played a plan to play in a village where no one went, and there were very many shrubs on that place.


All the friends asked to meet at 5:00 in the evening and said that we will play there where no one comes here, my friends assumed something that we should not go there because forbidden everyone to go there has gone


But some friends say that there is nothing like this and all the 5.00 am in the evening, there was only one game selected in the game-game, all would be hidden and will be found because here it is very dark So there will be some difficulty finding.



Finding the place and looking for the hidden Raju. He did not know who was hidden on where no one boy was near the bush but Raju did not know that there is no one in the bush, so he went inside the bush.



It was very dark when we went inside. Because the sunlight was not reaching at all. Raju went in. Then he saw someone sitting under a tree, he thought that a friend of his was hiding there. But he thought there was no friend of mine because he who is sitting is very big, which was not clearly visible due to darkness, Raju thought that someone else might be Raju came to him.

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Raju went to him and saw that he suddenly climbed over the tree. The king was a little afraid because no one could climb so fast. Raju made a voice that who you are, I have found you, are you a friend of mine.

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Then the voice came from the tree. Do not go away from here, otherwise I will catch you. Raju started to move out of there faster. shadow ran behind him, he used to fly first and sometimes ran away, Raju came out now, Raju had a lot of hurt on his hands and told this to everyone, but no one had any faith in this and everyone came back home from there.

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real life stories, Friends, we learn from this story that we should not go anywhere on the place where there is a ban on visiting. If you like this information then share it further and comment and tell us also.

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