real ghost stories in english

Real ghost stories in english

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Real Ghost Stories

real ghost stories in english, Me and my friend are very interested in watching movies. Whenever there is a new movie, both of us immediately go to see it. But once a horror movie was released, I told my friend that if we go to see the ghost movie, then both of us walked to see him and he also thought without thinking. There was no thought that something like this could happen to us ever. The talk almost happened when I was a college student and was doing a B.Com. The month of January and the cold are cold. The time of the picture was almost at 7 a.m. We both went walking to see the picture. The picture’s name was “Rooping Witch”


The picture was finished at 10.30 pm. We could not find any means to go home. The night was completely deserted and cold cold air was also running. Tremendous trees also seemed to be such that there was no sprite. Our house was about 3 kilometers away from that picture. We both lived in the same colony, so we decided to go home on foot. As soon as the distance went, the power of the road was gone. Now on the whole road, only darkness was dark. Even now, walking on the road was also very difficult. But we had to go


Time on the road seemed like somebody was following us. But he was not feeling his eyes but just feeling his realization. My heart beat was growing. The wind also seems to be on the ears, as if I want to say something. I got some strange noise and we stopped I saw the side of the street next to me was a little bit closer. I thought there would be no person may, but that person is rather a realization that the eye did not even look back. But his absence was the same.


real ghost stories in english, In my mind I was just going to do the same thing, that I get to my house as soon as possible. I had never imagined that I would ever have a feeling that had never happened after watching the picture. That night it seemed as if my body came out of my body. Our walking voice also looked like this, that many people are following us. But nobody was there, we were both friends. Somehow gingerly both friends have reached their house and since that day we have said never go see haunting picture after today.

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