real ghost and scary stories in english

Real ghost and scary stories in english

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real ghost and scary stories

real ghost and scary stories in english, I’m going to tell you about the incident that I saw myself occurring today, Rohan Mathur. When I was only 17 years old. The only thing I was told from childhood was that we should never believe in any thing heard by you, unless you see them yourself. That is why I never believed in ghosts or ghosts or souls, because it used to be heard by listening. The one whose mind came to me told me the other. But when I saw a witch with my own eyes, I sensed my senses and since then I began to believe in all these things.


Things are those days when I came to stay at the school holidays of my maternal grandmother here. The weather was of summer. I did not know that the village here is the witch of the witch. All these things came to me and came to know, even when Mama ji told me. It was such that some 5 years ago an old woman suddenly became ill and due to that she died, this soul is wandering about the same old lady to avenge her death. I did not believe in their talk at first. Due to heat, I slept in the house at night only, I was nostalgic at night.


It would be around 11.45 in the night because I had mobile so I could see the time. I saw someone standing near the house. I thought perhaps Mama would have come back. So I fell asleep without thinking anything When the next day I asked Mama, he said that I was at the farm all night long, I came home only then I did not come. I thought Mama is joking with me. But the same thing happened at night also with me. I was asleep that I suddenly heard some voice when I got up from my breath, I saw someone standing there still. So I have a voice, mama, are you?

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Nobody answered anything. I made the voice again. nobody spoke. I thought who is not speaking whatever. I got myself picked up and moving it further. I do not get as close as I can. I understand that I was not coming anything that I do after all what I do. This is who is not coming to me. Only after seeing me, he suddenly disappeared from there. I saw I was no one in that time house. So I went out of the house and went away, I did not see him again, at a distance I saw this time he was clearly seen, he was no other but a woman, that too old lady.

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real ghost and scary stories in english, Seeing all this, I immediately understood that this is the same old lady about which I talk about all the villages and have turned around as a witch. Since that day, I also started believing in ghosts and the demons.

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