real fiction horror stories

real fiction horror stories

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real fiction horror stories

read horror stories online, We are going to tell you this true story, that is the time when it was fifteen years old, I remember well, that time was of winter, I had to go to my village only because some work in the village That was very important, so I thought that as soon as possible, to reach my village as soon as possible, so I thought it was right to go from the same train to the night,


Soon the train had reached the station, the train had just a little time left, waiting in, the train came when he was a little empty, he had climbed in the train, I did not know who was sitting in front of me, Locked, and I thought there was still a lot of time, so slept in it, the train was running, suddenly the light of the train was gone, when the light of the train was gone, then it became dark, when my eyes were in front But if no one was there, such came only light he had seen,


I did not pay attention to that, my station had arrived, landed at my station, when I saw it, I did not know when that guy had gone, I did not see him descending, but I do not know when he answered Was, in my village, started to go, the time was just about two o’clock in the night, I was feeling like somebody was following me, it was not known who was walking, because the voice was coming. But no one was seen Was,


As the voice was coming in, the voice was coming, as soon as it stopped, the voice would have stopped, now I was scared, because when someone is not showing it, I am afraid, this time I Looking back, a shadow looked away, whoever stood away was standing, and stopped, just as I kept stepping forward, he also kept his foot forward and kept it, now I thought that this is the way, fast in Ran and folded at his house and stopped, after this it was never before Defense did not run, so do not decide the matter ever be alone,

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