Real Bloody Mary Ghost Story

Real Bloody Mary Ghost Story

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Real Bloody Mary Ghost Story

Bloody Mary Ghost Story, Bloody Mary came to her dream today and told her that today’s Mary Mary will come to meet her, when this dream tells Alex to her mother, Alex’s mother said that dreams are never true, because Alex never saw such a dream Alex told his mother about this dream,


 Alex’s mother left from there and told Alex that now you do not have to think about this, Alex did not pay any attention to this dream and went to sleep, after some time when Alex slept, then Alex Knock on the door


But Alex’s sleep was not open. Alex was now in a deep sleep, but when the knock at the door became very sharp, Alex’s sleep opened, this time Alex picked up and opened the door, but no one was at the door, Alex understood anything Did not come because the door was knocked but why no one was showing it,


As soon as Alex twisted his bed, Bloody Mary was on her bed, Bloody Mary said that I had told you not to come to meet you today, Alex loudly voiced his mother and as soon as Alex’s mother came, Bloody Mary had gone by there


Bloody Mary Ghost Story, No one was visible to Alex’s mother as long as Bloody Mary was not there, Alex was very much scared now. Alex had slept with his mother this time, Alex still fears of Bloody Mary, and Now Alex does not sleep alone.

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