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Learning Of Ramu

read a story, A man named Ramu lived in a village and had a boy, Ramu was very upset with his boy because his son never considered him any thing and Ramu thought that if he did not listen then it would have deteriorated. Will go


But Ramu told his boy that if you do not leave these acts and mischief, then I will have to go a long way. Ramu said on this that I will leave it but I can not leave like this now, when I grow up then everything will be done automatically Will miss

But Ramu felt that as the person is big, he does not leave his actions at all, if he wants to leave, then he will leave it in his childhood, then he will become spoiled by getting better, and Ramu was always concerned about this matter. Ramu told this to my friend Shyamu that my boy is getting worse


Shyamu had taken out a trick that could improve your boy. Shyamu called his boy and said that come on the field with me as soon as he started taking the farm, Shyamu told Ramu’s son that if you asked a small tree Can uproot


Then his boy cut the tree and then Shyamu began to move forward and Shyamu also said that it is a big tree if it is good if you uproot it, only then the boys of Ramu have uprooted the tree and then Shyamu went a little further. Said that this tree should be overthrown

As soon as the boys of Ramu tried to uproot the trees, but they did not take the tree at all. Shyamu said, “What’s the matter, why are you not able to raise this tree?”


Ramu’s boy said that this tree is very strong, it will not break, but Shyamu said that if you leave your actions, then how good is it and if you talk about leaving it later, then going forward you will be able to do all your bad habits Will not be able to leave


read a story, Therefore, no matter what your actions are, if you leave then you will never have any problem. By accepting Shyamu’s words, that boy has left his demonic character, he became a good child.

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