Ramu’s complaint story for kids in english

Story for kids in english

Ramu’s complaint

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story for kids in english

story for kids in english, One day some guests came home to meet and said that your son Ramu is very devious, hearing the complaint of his son, Ramlal got very angry and said that you will not be worried Ramu will understand and hearing this His neighbors went away from him and Ramu was called and asked why you are so satanic,


Ramu, after listening to his father, went away from him. Ramu’s age was not short. Ramu was 15 years old but he was not able to give up his satan at all. Ramu’s father took out a trick and then called Ramu. And said that you went to your maternal uncle for a few days and the maternal uncle was also calling you to him. Ramu was very happy to hear that Mama heard this, and the next day Ramu went to his uncle’s house.


Mama had a boy, one day went to a forest to play the two boys and when he reached the jungle, Ramu appeared on a hive filled with honey on it. Ramu struck a rock in honey in the greed of honey. He ran away



story for kids in english, Ramu ran to see the boy there’s uncle and Ramu took a bite of bees and newly Ramu if he came crying home and Ramu’s uncle explained the Ramu You bother because without one you have trouble there is therefore no it does not bother anybody unnecessarily and Ramu had listened to his mother and left to evil by Ramu same day now Ramu was a very nice kid and all his Was proud. If you liked this story then please share it further and tell us also.

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