Ramesh’s Business story english

Ramesh’s Business story english

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Ramesh’s Business story english

Ramesh’s Business story english, There was a businessman named Ramesh in a city, he had three storey four-storey shop, he had a very good business. His wife also used to live comfortably in the house. Two-four servants were living in Ramesh’s life. 


Ramesh did not know what was wrong, and Ramesh did not even know what was happening because he had cut the life of a happy person from the beginning but he says that after suffering misery and happiness behind the pleasures If we get pleasure only in happiness, then how can we know the sadness?


After a few days, Ramesh’s business gradually started to slow down, all the shops were slowly shutting down. The shop was not being sold. Ramesh kept upset when the business was not working and the happiness in the house started decreasing. Slowly all went away, his wife started doing all the work on his own house, and a huge loss took place in his business.


So that he had to pay all his shops to compensate for that loss. Now Ramesh was ill, he did not have enough money to buy the medicine. All neighbors came and went with their advice, but Ramesh’s wife did not give up.


He used to console Ramesh every day that you do not worry, one day everything will be fine. One day Ramesh’s mother-in-law, his mother’s mother, had come to ask his movements and seeing the condition of his house, he told his daughter, Do not say that suffering should not come, but we should also face suffering.


You have done everything after seeing it. Now once, by saying my words, do Lakshmi Ji’s fast, remove all the sorrows, remove all your sorrows. Ramesh’s wife said, how do the fasting tell me mother said son, nothing is morning Wash the bath and bring a broom in the house and wear clean clothes and take the sweetness of Lakshmi ji’s fast in your mind and make some sweet in the evening and worship God Lakshmi ji
Ramesh’s wife did the same thing that he started a broom in the morning and Lakshmi ji’s fasting in the house, Lakshmi ji, will do my 21st Friday if her husband’s work goes well and his health gets cured.


There was nothing in Ramesh’s house in the evening. There was a little sugar in it, made a sugar spinach in it, and took the pleasure of Lakshmi ji, both of them slept on the same day. The next Friday, Ramesh’s health began to heal, he did not get angry and calm Slowly he started a new job and his business stood like the first


Ramesh’s Business story english, Now, in Ramesh, buying four out of five shops was completed by the grace of Lakshmi Mata 21 on Friday. Ramesh’s house started to fill up with plenty of money and grains. Now he started wearing good clothes and shoes as before 21 Friday. Ramesh’s wife gave 21 women a book, a flower and a kheer, and made a vow.

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