Ram and Shyam small stories for kids

Ram and Shyam small stories for kids


small stories for kids

small stories for kids, Ram and the Shyam were very good friends both used to read and play together, but the habit of the Shyam was much worse because he used to lie very much; in the matter he used to lie a lot,


Ram used to say that if you do not leave this habit of lying, then one day you will have to repent a lot but in the Shyam did not pay any attention to the matter and he used to do the same thing which came into his mind.


One day Ram and Sham were going home from the forest, then Shyam  thought to do a mischief and to scare Ram, he said that there is a lion here as soon as Rama heard that there is a lion here from Ram Ran very fast and laughing a lot in the Shyam and kept saying that you too came to my sayings, there is no lion here
Then Rama said that you should not do any such thing which will cause troubles to others, even in the evening did not pay attention to Ram’s talk. One day Ram and Shyam were playing, there was only one wolf there and Ram playing from there. She went very far and Shyam said that a wolf came here but Ram thought again that this thing would be absolutely false


Because in the Shyam it is very lie and he did not go there at all. In the evening, the wolf wounded quite a lot and then Ram came and took the Shyam with him and went home and said that if you do not lie completely, then I have time to reach go


small stories for kids, But by the habit of lying to you I felt that there is no wolf here, and in the Shyam it was understood that lying is a very bad habit, and in the Shyam, lying away on the same day

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