Rain that night simple short story

Rain that night simple short story

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Rain that night simple short story


Rain that night simple short story, Suddenly the night the rains started, the master was looking for his servant, but finding a servant was not available, because the servant had gone all the way to his house at the same time.


The owner was getting a lot, he had to order something for himself in the rain but the servant was not there and the owner had become very upset that the servant has gone now and I too have a job as it was getting worse.


He needed a lot of medicine. The medicine was finished. The owner just started thinking that now the health is bad. How will I go there and the whole night the owner waited for the rain to stop, the servants came and asked for the disease that you went too early
The rainy season was not even stopped and you were going to tell me without informing the servant that my little son’s health suddenly got spoiled, so I went away. Someone was telling me that he had a very high fever is going to need a lot of medicine


That is why I told you without informing me that he had gone from here. When the master heard that his son was poor, he had gone home so the owner was not even angry at him and the owner got a little quiet and said, Go now. bring medicine shop.


Rain that night simple short story, Even my health is not good, then the servant went to the market to take the medicine and came back with the medicines. The owner started taking rest and resting. The master wondered if there was no difference between the rich and the poor when the situation was bad if both are of the body due to poor health does not work is still felt both so it does not wealth and poverty this man Mr. dependent on thinking. If you liked this story then please share it further and tell us also.

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