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Plant Story

Plant Story, moral english stories, Once a gardener started planting some new plants in his garden, the gardener was planting new plants in his garden, the same old plants were planted on the same old plants, thinking that when the gardener had planted the plant, Will pay more attention and he will not even give us water.


Because now we are old and the gardener has planted new plants, and when the old plants were talking together then one oldest plant said that we should not think of it at all, it is not because of the coming of new plants that our care Will not be.


The gardener will also take care of us. You should not worry about this because our gardener will take care of ours. He has always been caring for us and he does not make any difference whether he has planted new plants or old.


 Whenever there is a very strong sunshine, the gardener gives us water, how much sunshine is acclimatized yet, the gardener gives us water, he does not worry about his body at all, he is not worried that he will serve us in such a severe sunlight Has been doing.


Our boss is very good. All these things were also talking about the new plant and he said that all of you open my eyes. I was also proud that I am a new plant and it is old,


Plant Story, moral english stories, I will pay attention to me and thus all the plants start living there together. This education comes from this story that you should not be jealous of anyone but should take care of everyone when we keep one’s attention, Will be successful in.

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