Pigeon and birds story in english

Pigeon and birds story in english

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birds story in english

birds story in english, One day a bird was moving towards the forest while the weather was worn due to which very heavy rains began to rain, the bird started looking for a place to hide itself.


Then the bird’s eye went on a tree. Many pigeons were sitting on that tree when the birds went to them, and then they started saying that give me some space because the rain is getting very much when the rain stops. I fly from here to the other side Will go


Considering the bird, all the pigeons gave the place to the bird and the rain started waiting for the bird to stop. The rain continued for a long time when the rain stopped a little while the bird flew away from there.


When the bird was flying then the sky was absolutely clear. There was no rain at that time. The bird reached home and tell your colleagues the whole story about how I was caught in the rainy season and the pigeons saved my life.
One day some pigeons came to the flying bird, as soon as the dove approached the tree there, the hunter had laid a trap on it, due to which the pigeons were stuck at all the doves trapped there.


birds story in english, The bird called his friend rat and cut off his trap and all the pigeons thanked the bird and said that we should work for each other when we will be able to help each other and then all of us in the jungle live peacefully So we all must help each other. If you liked this story then please share it further and tell us also.

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