Own advantage stories with morals

Own advantage stories with morals


stories with morals

stories with morals, Two boys playing in a garden were playing playing their eyes on seeing a peanut lying on the ground in the garden, both of them ran to raise him and said that it is mine and the other did not say that I had seen it before


That is why I will eat it. It is mine. One of the peanuts in both hands was fighting on both of them. It is mine. It is mine. In a short while there came a fat boy whose name was Golu, Golu was very clever and clever


When he saw that the two boys are fighting on a peanut, then he went to them and said why are you fighting? Both boys told him everything. Golu said that no matter what to fight, I will give you half-a-half I am


Golu gave one of the peanuts to a boy and another gave to another boy, who had fallen in the middle of peanut, he ate himself, both the boys were stupid. They both got empty peel and started eating their golu and walked to their house.


stories with morals, After both of them understood nothing after a while, when both of them thought that they were fooled by both of them, Golu took our stuff and we could not understand, therefore, when two men fight, the third comes to see their advantage. Is and goes to his house, If you liked this story then please share it further and tell us also.

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