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Old lady stories

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old lady stories

Old lady’s servant

old lady stories, moral short stories, There was an old lady in a village, he had some goats, to keep the goats he had kept a servant who had left it and left there. Now the old lady used to take care of those goats, the elderly had a lot of trouble, taking care of them. That’s why he was looking for a servant.


There was a lot of trouble with the people of his goats. Some goats used to ruin their fields and some were disturbed by them. The villagers too were very upset with the goats and they always called the old lady bad.


Whenever the goat was opened, the neighbors could eat vegetables, so that they would have troubled the old woman always saying that either take care of them or remove them from here, they were very upset when they heard their talk.


Because the servant who had gone too had gone. The old lady was going to cut woods in the woods one day, but she found a boy who was saying that if I give any work, then I will do it with great sincerity.

The old lady was very happy knowing that she was looking for work, took her with such a great and said that if you take care of my goats, then I will give you to eat and one place for you to sleep


The boy was very clever, he went with the old lady and took care of the old goat, and then the old lady came, then she began to pretend to work and the old lady seemed to be a very good boy. Working honestly

And it will always be this is now my support went to fill the water on the old well next day and as the old lady went there again, she started searching again and picked up some rupees from there and opened her goats.


When the old lady came, she saw that there is no one here, then someone told that the boy you had kept took the goats towards the forest. Now the old lady had understood that she was a cunning boy.


old lady stories, moral short stories, Who had come here for a few days and robbed me, so always think before thinking about whether man is right or not, we work only without fear, which we have to pay.

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