Who is the strongest new story in english

new story in english

Who is the strongest

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new story in english

new story in english, Two people lived in a village. It was very clever and the other was very strong. One day the two men were going from their forest to their village, when they got a man on the way and asked him the way.


The man told them the path that if you go away from this path, you will reach the place sooner when both the people were walking together, a lion appeared to them from the front and both the people started saying that there is a lion in front of them and those of them are very powerful Was


He said that I do not have any fear from the lion. I will go through this path, but who was a clever man, he said that I will not go through this path anywhere. If the lion caught us, then he will kill who was a very powerful man. I will go through this route and you go by your other way and both of us will meet on that path

From where we have to go to the village together, the most clever man, he changed his way and went from the other way and the person who was very strong went on the same road and as soon as he came in front of the lion he fought with the lion and He killed the lion and started hitting him


The person who was very clever had seen that two thieves were coming from the front. Now he thought that if he caught me, he would rob me of all the stuff, so he started cleverly launching the lion’s voice and both the thieves were scared and there Have fled from


When the two men reached that path, they met together and said that you have solved every problem and both of them went further and further into their village, when both the people reached the village, the villagers asked him about which way you came from If he said that we both came from different ways, the powerful man said that I have come from the way where the lion lives and the clever man said that I have come from the path where But the thieves remain
new story in english, Then the villagers praised him and said that you have escaped from very heavy problems, even when we do not have the courage, so to walk on those two paths, friends say that if we use the right place of our intelligence and strength So we can always win.

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