Mountain boy moral stories for children

Mountain boy moral stories for children

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moral stories for children

moral stories for children, In a village, a boy lived on the hill, he used to bring his goats down the mountain to feed his goats every day, one day he was feeding his goats, only then his eyes fell on the lion sitting very far.


Now he thought that the lions should not eat his goats, so he got out of his house early on, and came home and started thinking that whenever I go to feed goats tomorrow, then I will get the lion.


That lion will have to be thrown out there, otherwise he can harm anyone. That is the thing he told his villagers that a lion has come to our place that can harm anyone, all the villagers hear this thing Scared and started thinking that the lion would have to hurry from here soon, otherwise this lion will end all


Then all the people joined together to make a plan that whenever the lion came, we would put him in a very deep pit. For him, he started making a plan, all the villagers, together, dug a huge pothole and his lion came Started waiting


moral stories for children, As soon as the lions began to grow towards them all the lions fleeing from there followed them to the pit and the lions came falling in that pit and all the people stopped the pit and the lion died there. It is said that if we use our brain correctly, then we can easily get out of any problem. If you liked this story then please share it further and tell us also.

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