Magical object small stories in english

Magical object small stories in english


small stories in english

small stories in english, There was a boy in a city. The boy was very devils and his father was a shopkeeper. Sometimes the boy used to sit at his shop and was working with his father gradually, but the boy used to behave very much and because of this his father Were quite upset.


One day his parents moved from work to another, now that boy was alone in the house, when the boy was going to sleep, his maternal uncle came to his house and knocked on the door.


The boy opened the door and saw that the mama had come, the boy took the mama in and the maternal uncle and the boy started talking, then Mama asked where your parents have gone, when the boy said that the father and mother are in some other city Gone from work and will come back tomorrow


Only then Mama said that I will give you such an item so that a lot of money will be found, the boy said, show me also Mama took out a magical object and said that whenever you hit the house on one day, a gold coin will come out. Will go


The boy did not believe in the first, but as soon as he hit the wall once the coin got out, Mama said that you can get the coin only once in a while if you try to get more coins then your age will be slow Will slowly decrease


Therefore, it was never too late for a day to hit it on the wall more than once in a day, but the boy did not listen to his maternal uncle and Mama gave him a magical object and left his city the next day.


When the mama had gone, the girl started killing her many times in a day and removed lots of gold coins but her age also started decreasing gradually, she became very small when her parents came The boy was not found in the house even after searching for a lot because he could not see it.


Then his father’s eyes were lying on his little boy because he had been small, told his father everything like this. His father said that when you do mischief, many problems arise, so mischief is a bad thing.


small stories in english, This story teaches us that both greed and mischief can cause us trouble. If you liked this story then please share it further and tell us also.

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