Liza moral stories in english

Liza moral stories in english


Liza moral stories in english

moral stories in english, Liza was not getting married, Lisa had completed her studies, but still there was a lot of problems in her marriage, Lisa told her father that I do not want to marry now, but Liza’s father Know how long it will work, sometimes it’s time to get married, so her father has always been trying, Lisa wanted to read more,


Liza’s father was a farmer, she could not read more than that, so Lisa’s father said that now you learn the work of the house, it will come to you a lot of work, one day it was raining heavily, Liza’s father, her farm When he was coming back from, his foot slipped. A man was passing through the same road, he picked them up and took them with him,


It is learned in the talk that Liza’s father is very concerned about Lisa’s marriage, then that man said that my boy is just reading out, and he will soon get a good job, if you want We both can marry them, Lisa’s father said that if you have any demand, you can tell us,


That man said that there is no such thing, the next day he called his boy and after some days Liza got married, Lisa felt like how she could get married so early. If you have a desire to do any work in your mind then that work can be done, so we should not give up trying,

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