Pandit’s problem, little story in english

little story in english

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little story in english

Pandit’s problem Story

little story in english, english story, A priest lived in a village. Pandit ji was very upset when whenever he visited his home, he had to face problems. Pandit used to solve all the problems, but to solve the problems of his home. It was a very difficult task for him.


People from far away used to come to Pandit and used to solve their problems. One day a man thought that I also solved my problems with Pandit, but as soon as he was able to solve his problems, He went to go, he was not there.


He had gone to his house then the man thought that I went to Pandit’s house and resolved my problem as if he went to Pandit’s house and there was a fight in Pandit’s house.


When he saw that Panditji is having a fight in the house, then the man thought that when a fight is taking place in Pandit’s house then how can he solve my problem, they are not able to finish their quarrel.

Pandit ji saw him and said that come tell what is the problem, then that man said that you are not able to solve your problem and how to solve our problem.


On this, Panditji said that it is a very old thing. It is our second birth in which my wife was the first person and I was a cat, one day I killed him for some reason so that it changed me from every day of the previous birth. This is the reason for our dispute
Because of which there is a daily quarrel in our house which can never be solved in the problem. Thus man understood that Panditji is a very great man.

little story in english, english story, What we see sometimes it is not the whole truth, so we should go to any decision after understanding the whole thing.

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