Lion and Fox story in english

Lion and Fox story in english

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lion story in english

lion story in english, There was a lion in a forest that always used to harass everyone and all the animals were always hidden from the fear of the lion, also passed through Lion. All the animals ran away from them. One day all the animals called a gathering and in that meeting One thing was kept that everybody who can get rid of this lion forever, we will make him king and all the animals will be provided with food arrangements,


All the animals began to talk about how to avoid the lion and how to make the king. Many animals told very sari that we could escape from the lion but no idea


The fox came from the front and said that in the lion can always get rid of the pursuit, and all the animals kept looking at the fox and started saying that we are not able to arrange even if we are very much and what you can do alone,


Then the fox said that if you can make you king then you can get rid of the lion in the pursuit and the fox is accepted. The next day, the fox has called his partner and made a very deep griddle and then the fox said that we are lion Bring it here and make pulse in this pile and then close the pit. This lion will also die and we will get rid of this problem too,


When the griddle was completely ready, the fox told the lion that if you could not catch me if you could not hold me as king and the lion got angry and the lion ran behind the fox and ran away in the lion puddle and ran away and all Together they closed the pit and thus the lion was killed and all the animals praised the fox and arranged for it.


lion story in english, Friends say that the fox is very dynamic and we should also work very wise in our lives, If you liked this story then please share it further and tell us also.

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