king and old man stories for kids

king and old man stories for kids 


king stories for kids

king stories for kids, Once a king went to his town to look after his kingdom, when the king was roaming, his eyes went to an old man and the king saw that the man was planting an apple tree and the king was too late Noticed that in the whole farm and different trees were engaged, then the king thought that this man is very old and by the time the apple tree grew, maybe this man would not be


The king was feeling very uneasy why this old man was planting this tree and then the king sent his soldiers to that man and asked the soldier to call that old man when the soldier brought the man So the king asked why you are taking this apple tree. When your tree is too much, and when this tree gives fruit, you may not be able to hear this, the old man smiled and told the king that perhaps he would not stay in it.


But whenever a person passes through here, if he is hungry, then this tree will erase his hunger, the man said that if every person goes for himself, then who else will help every person should understand that We all should support each other when we need them, then only humanity will live in every human being.


The king’s eyes were opened by the man, and the king said that in the case of the king, there are no wise men, there is no one greater than you who has given me all the knowledge of life in a few words.


While the king’s religion should be kept in mind of every need of every person, the King greeted the man and went to his city and did many religious acts and understood every need of every human being and made good decisions.


king stories for kids, Friends, we should also help others and take care of everyone, so that we can help all of us. If you liked this article then definitely share it further.

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