Best Hunter story in english

Hunter story in english

Hunter habit

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Hunter story in english

Hunter story in english, There was a hunter and this hunter used to go hunting everyday in the forest and after killing all the animals he used to eat and eat them, it was a very bad habit, and it was compelled by its habit.


One day this hunter was going to the forest to hunt. Only then he saw only one deer there. He went behind the deer and saw deer ran very fast. The hunter ran very fast behind him and the hunter saw the deer Disappeared shortly after


The hunter went into thinking that where this deer went, the hunter went ahead in search of a hunter. When the deer was not seen anywhere, then the hunter was tired under a tree, so he slept and in the dream god Said that you should not hunt any animal.

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The hunter was forced to use his habit, so he thought that I should not be hunted and his eyes were opened only when the deer was standing in front of the hunter. The hunter thought I would catch it because that is why the hunter has come in front of me. He used his arrows on that deer, and as soon as the arrow hunter turned the deer, the deer did not feel and he got out of it.

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Hunter story in english, Seeing this, the hunter got into astonishment that why did not the arrow hit the arrow, the deer changed his appearance and came in the form of a monk and said that I am a monk and was taking your exam, you did the same thing that would always make you habit That’s why your habits will not improve, otherwise you will have to face many problems. The hunter left hunting from that day and became a good man.

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