Horror story of four friends

Horror story of four friends

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In a city I lived four friends. Whose names were Ashok, Prakash, Sudesh and Sunil They all knew each other very well because all the same society I lived in. But one day he came to his life which I never forgot. Because it was the last day of their separation. So now I’ll come directly to the story and come. They always lived together. Three of them were very knowledgeable, but the fourth, ie Sunil, was not always knowledgeable.


Yet he knew the worldly things very well. One day he decided that he would roam abroad and earn some wealth. They all went out together. Soon they reached a dense forest. On the way they saw the bones of an animal standing on the ground. Say a wise, we have got an opportunity to test our knowledge. These bones are of a dead animal.


I’ll make him live again. I know how these bones can be added. The other said the friend. I’ll give meat, blood and skins on this animal The third friend said, I will save this animal from my priceless knowledge. So far the wise old man had put bones of that animal and another friend had offered meat, blood and skins on it.


The fourth one yelled, “Oh, hey, do not put life in that animal. It’s a lion. But knowledgeable friends did not listen to him. They had decided to live up to the lion. The friend who knew the worldly life quickly went to a nearby tree and started looking at it.


The third friend put his life in the lion. As soon as the lion was alive, he began to thrive and instantly broke down on three friends. They killed three friends and killed them. Sunil was very sad to see the death of his friends. Therefore, friends should never tamper with unknown things, because sometimes it can prove to be fatal too.

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