hard work story for kids in english

Hard work story for kids in English

 Hard Work

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story for kids in english

story for kids in english, There was a poor family living in a village. He had nothing to eat. 4 people lived in this family. Two girls and parents were still too big and their father would always have been concerned about their marriage but there were no rupees in the house for eating and there was no such arrangement from anywhere.


Because the family lived in the village, so that they could spend their home, there were many people who refused to give them work. The girl’s parents were very upset,


Do it so that our house can run 1 day, when the father of the girl was cutting woods in the forest, only then he had only one deer. By looking at the deer, that man thought why it came to me, and then that man wanted to disperse the deer from there.
But he did not run away and he was afraid to see Deer moving forward towards him. He was afraid to hide behind a tree and after a while he slept on that and he had a dream


In the dream he saw that a deer is coming and he came as soon as the deer approached, he said that I have come to help you. He told me that there is a tree by some distance, under which the tree has hidden a lot of treasure


Take away the treasure and give happiness to your family and after some time the man’s eyes open, he saw that this is a dream or a truth but as soon as he went a little distance he saw that there was a tree under which when He found the treasure of excavation and came home with that treasure,


story for kids in english, Seeing the treasure, the whole family started to wander with happiness and thought that now the days of our troubles will end. We have done a lot of worship, but so far it has not happened and now perhaps God has come to remove our problems, so friends always work hard. Should hard work yield results.

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