Greatest Lion story in english

Greatest Lion story in english

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Lion story in english

Lion story in english, This story belongs to that lion, which considers itself the greatest, whenever the lion is known by the way, all the animals in that place ran away by fear, all the animals were very upset with that lion, He also makes his prey, so all the animals should remain hidden, one day the lion was walking alone in Persia, then he got a bear near him,


The bear said that you always scare the other beast, because of that fear, all the animals are hidden today, the lion said that this is the king of the fert, if all the animals are scared, they should also fear, if If he is not scared by the king then how will the King say, now the bear understood that the lion is not going to obey his word, so the bearer said that even a big king came to Persia, if you hear his voice, you too Afraid when IT WAS lion who has felt heard, he thought, who could match up,


The lion said to the bear that I have to meet the king, defeating him has become the largest in Persia, the bear said that he lives in that cave, now he has gone out, The lion was waiting for him at the same time, but no one was shown the lion, when he was waiting for a long time, the lion thought to go into that cave,


Lion story in english, When the lion came to the cave, the voice came from the cave, who is out, if he did not speak soon, then he would eat it, when the lion saw near the nearby, he saw a great shadow, the lion was afraid to see him, He had never seen such a large animal, why there was no bill to give a voice from the cave, the lion thought that if he came out he could kill me too, so the lions go from that forest forever, in the cave no one else  bear itself,

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