Great Funny English Jokes

Great Funny English Jokes


Funny english jokes

Funny english jokes, Once a man went to the doctor and said doctor, my teeth,

When the doctor saw the tooth, he said that your teeth were told,

Man said that yesterday I eat potato’s vegetable,

The doctor said that why did you need to eat a refined vegetable,

The man said that the doctor had forbidden him only then it became a condition.

The doctor is unconscious till today,



The wife asked why did you lie down today

Husband replied: – When a man was coming from the road, a person’s note of 500 rupees was lost.

The wife replied: – Have you been looking for his note of 500 rupees?

Husband replied: – Not in the 500 rupees was sitting




The beggar was demanding a beggar on the road when a man came to him and said that begging is a very bad thing,

The beggar replied: – You are the one who is telling me what you have begun,

Man replied: – I never asked for begging

The beggar replied: – You have never begun and you know that this is a very bad thing, how do you know the man is thinking till date



Owner from your servant: – Have you done your job

Servant: – Ha Owner

Owner: – Have you cleaned the fridge well?

Servant: – Yes the owner cleans the fridge completely, now there is nothing in it



Funny english jokes, Once two men came out to roam

How does the first man pass your time from another man

The second man passes comfortably,

First man how

The other man says, rest in summer

First man and what do you do in winter

The other man is waiting to be warmed in winter

What is the work

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