Good story of king and queen

Good story of king and queen

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story of king and queen

story of king and queen, When the King came back from the war, the people welcomed the king and a festivities were held in the city with great fanfare. The king offered to all the cities that all the people would eat today on the victory of the king. The king had called everyone, the king saw that all the people had come, but a saint did not come.


The King felt bad that a saint has not come here today, while I had called him, but he had not come yet. When the king’s fest ends, the king went to the monk and asked for the reason for not coming from him, the sadhu said that you are a king, you are the burden of all the kingdom, you are all going to follow, so you have to worry. needed.


The king asked why you did not come, when you were called, the sadhu ji said that you have done many things for the happiness of all the people but also want to do something for your happiness, so did not come to the king Nothing was understood.


Sadhu ji said that when he was going to wash his clothes, then I heard two men saying that today the king will be busy in his festivities, only then we will mix something in the food they make, so that all people will fall asleep for some time. And in the meantime we will catch both of the king,


Sadhu ji said that when I heard this, when he reached the place of food before him, he caught me and tied it on the same. Today you are all safe here and our state is also safe now our people are also happy so king should always be cautious.


story of king and queen, Upon listening to the monk, the king now regrets his happiness. The king said that you are concerned about everyone because of your happiness today, Raja worshiped the sadhu ji and always remember the sadhu ji’s matter, no matter how much happiness we may find, but we should always be prepared, if If you liked this story then please share it further.

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