Good motivational stories in english

Good motivational stories in english

Story of two brothers

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motivational stories

motivational stories in english, There was two families in a village, this family was very good, but after some days there was a fight for some reason in both families and the two families separated, the elder brother in this family was very good nature but the younger brother was his wife He listened,


The wife who used to say, used to do that, no one used to work from her mind when both the families separated, her father gave equal shares to both of them, so that they could not have any quarrel, everything was going well for some days but some The day after the younger brother went to his farm, think of ways to do good to his farm crop,


Earlier, the elder brother used to watch the sari crop but now he had to see the sari crop, so he asked his wife to do good to his crop, the wife said that I do not know anything about it. Will happen,


The younger brother went to his father and said that I have to do good to my crop so that our crop can be good, father said that you have to work hard, only then the crop will be very good, every day you have to work in your farm. This is going to happen every day,


The younger brother had never worked before, otherwise how he did it, the younger brother was facing trouble now. The fight and the fight are easily done but the work does not come easily, now the problem gradually increases It was, that year that little brother’s crop was not good


But when it came to the elder brother, he gave half of his crop to his younger brother, so that he could not have trouble, when Dad saw all this, he liked it so much that even today the elder brother is helping the younger brother,


Now gradually the younger brother was also helping the elder brother and both the brothers had made their crops very good and the disputes were closed too because both the brothers were now working together in the younger brother’s wife too. Now the improvement had come and she was also happy to be with everyone now,


motivational stories in english, Our small fights also get enlarged and there is a lot of harm to them, even in our relationship there is a lot of distance, so do not fight anymore and stay together.

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