Good Monkey Story in english

Good Monkey Story in english

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Monkey Story in english

Monkey Story, This story is a monkey, this monkey was very upset, whenever the children used to come home from school, then he used to harbor that monkey, troubled by these children, the monkey also harassed all the people when A man used to bring something for his food, then the monkey snatched his food and went away from there, due to this monkey, the whole village was disturbed, sometimes this monkey could bring anything from the roof,


People were very upset with that monkey, they wanted to catch that monkey, because if a monkey was caught then he could have solved a lot of problems, so the people had planned to capture the monkey, in a lot of places they kept food. It was given to the monkey who came to eat, as soon as the monkey eats something, the people catch him on the same, but the monkey was too fast, he understood everything,


People had hidden themselves after eating food, but the monkey did not come, the people understood that the monkey has come to know that we want to catch him, people were not able to do anything, one day’s It was a matter of great rain, the monkey was not feeling well, the monkey was getting cold in the rainy season; Today the monkey was not able to see anyone, the rain was getting light, but did not stop It was,


Monkey Story, That night a thief had come in a house; when the thief came, the monkey had seen him; the thief kept the gusa and monkey behind in the house, when the thief was stealing, then the monkey dropped something equal, all the people The thief was running away, but the thief was caught, the thief was captured because of the monkey, now no one has caught the monkey, the monkey had now started living in the same village, now he Did not even bother,

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