Good king stories in english

Good king stories in english

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Good king stories

king stories in english, Once, the king of a city called his assistant and said that the minister has said that you only advise the king and nothing else, and the minister has to see all the work himself and the reward which you get Is much more than the minister’s salary


The assistant was very worried by hearing this because he was thinking of talking to the king about nothing that his reward should not be rewarded, the king is thinking of reducing his reward too,


The king gave two days time to the Salarakar and said that if you prove in two days that you should get reward very much then it is fine if you do not prove your reward will be reduced,

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When the two days were completed, the advisor brought the pigeon with him and he had pigeons and two little chickens coming to the king and the advisor said that in this pigeon, some grains are added daily but all the pigeons are eaten. Said that you should give more grain because the pigeon is big and it also looks hungry

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Then everyone said that the king’s talk is fine. You should give more ransom after hearing this, the counselor said that I do not get salaries, but reward is given to me when he gives advice to you but the minister gets the salary which is my salary The reward is much higher than that,

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king stories in english, Just like a dove is more hungry because it gives you more hunger. In the same way when I give advice to you, I have to think a lot, then only you can give me the right advice. When the king heard this, you said that you are right. So you will get reward by always enhancing, so friends should use the right place of their mind, then you will get the result if you liked this story, then share it further.

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