Ghost Room, Ghost story in english

Ghost story in English

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     Ghost story in English

Ghost Room

Ghost story in English, Ghost Stories, This story belongs to a family who has saved himself by staying in front of the ghosts, when this family lived in that house then it was passing through big problems because there was a ghost of ghosts.


There are four people in this family, in which a girl, her parents and a boy who told the things that happened to her, this story is quite old that boy said that when he was looking for a rented house.


So he got this house for rent, he was compelled to stay there for a lot of money, because he had rented this house and it was almost impossible to find in the rest of the place when all these people went to the rent house then there They felt to be some strange things.


But there was absolutely no true proof that there is something like this. Then he called the landlord and said that we are feeling somewhat strange here, so he said that there is nothing like this because this house has been closed for a long time, is feeling.


If you clean it, it will look very good when the people started living after getting cleaned up, some movements were felt on them as if their younger sister went to brush in the bathroom, then seeing a strange shadow, she feared the same Fainted by.


All the people awoke from there and awakened from there, the first night of all those people would pass through great difficulties, because sometimes something fell away from themselves somewhere due to which they were scared. Not sure


We have made a big mistake in renting here, the next morning when the morning happened, her mummy started eating and while cooking, she suddenly fell unconscious and fell on the ground due to which there could be danger of fire. Then the boy closed the gas and saw that.


Her mother was unconscious and then she woke up her mom if her mother was asked, she told that she has seen the face here and who is scared of us suddenly a phantom appeared and I was unconscious.



The boy was scared when he came from his father’s office when he said that we should not stay here because there are very bad souls here due to which many problems are being raised here and his father said that right The next day we will vacate this house.


But now that evening has gone, now where will we go, here in the night, we will have to spend the same time as soon as all the night went to sleep, the father of that boy was pushed very fast on one of the others due to which he was unconscious Went and taken him for treatment.


Then the boy said that we should leave this house or else all the phantom will kill us one by one and thus they left the house on that night due to which their life was saved.


ghost story in english, ghost stories,There are many tales which caused many people to have problems and those who have told themselves that all the people are advised to be careful.

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