Ghost stories of the house

Ghost stories of the house

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Ghost stories of the house

Real ghost stories, That house was bought right now, we did not know anything about that house, it was going very well for a few days, but it was a day when some sounds were heard by us at night, I do not know that night Why did not understand anything, Alex, our son was scared by those voices at night, because there was a lot of pain in those voices, it was not even known at all what is there in this house, Which was troubling us,


We both went to know about this house one day, we did not take Alex with us, because the journey was very long, Alex was upset in that clean, we did not know that Alex had trouble in that house. Alex was having a lot of things flying in that house, which Alex was very afraid of seeing, Alex called us and said that something in the house is happening, you come quickly, Of And let’s go


When we arrived at home, Alex was unconscious, he was taken to the doctor soon, Alex was right, Alex said that nothing is fine in ghee, we should not go to that house, Alex was very scared Alex was also right, we could not find anything about that house, and we left the house and shifted to another house, even today there is no reason to go to that house,


Real ghost stories, We should keep in mind that whenever you buy a house, you know everything about it, then take that house, do not know that someone is waiting for you in that house, be always alert,

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