English Story of a clever man

English Story of a clever man

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English Story of a clever man

At one time, there was a very fast man in a village, he used to do his work all the time, when his work was done, he used to go from there, people of all the villages were upset with that man. , Because he was very skinny, he used to do nothing for anyone,


One day the wind was very strong in the village, that man was sitting in his house, all the people were getting disturbed by the fear of the wind, the wind was very fast, the man was watching, everyone is running, he asked you Why are you getting bothered, the air of all the talk is very fast, we are searching for hiding, why did the man say that he did not hide in his house,


All the wind blows away from the wind because the house was made of wood in the first village, the man also started thinking that even my house would not leave, he had tied some wooden pots around his house to save his house. , So that his house does not fly, after that the man went to his house and slept comfortably, all the villages were troubled all night long,


When it happened in the morning, all the people were binding on their own, because there was something scattered about, that man came out by completing his sleep, he saw that all the people are doing some work, he said what they are doing, all Keep quiet, he said again that he had slept with great rest during the night,


he had come to a very good sleep, the wind was very fast, so did not even heat; after listening to all, all the people ran behind that man and said that  if you come face to face, beat Will, after that day, the man said nothing to anyone, because he does not help anyone, he knew of people angry over it, so anyone after that day never had a job.

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