Donkey and fox story in english

Donkey and fox story in english

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Donkey and fox story

fox story in english, The fox was very tremendous, he always used to think that I could get food without any effort but how to get the food without hard work one day the fox was roaming in the forest, he was very hungry.


He was not getting any prey. The fox came out from the front and looked at the donkey and thought that the ass should be talked and the ass asked for his food. The fox stopped the donkey and talked,


The fox told the donkey that if you help me, you will give me green grass every day, the ass heard the fox, the fox told the ass that when we come to it many animals, then we will surround them with all fours. Will catch tax


The donkey also liked this plan because it was only catching animals in it. The fox and the asses went together and the animals came together when both of them came closer, the fox and the ass surrounded everyone, and the fox caught an animal,


The fox was done now. The donkey asked the fox that now my green grass is said. The fox said that now we are tired, tomorrow will bring you green grass for you, the ass agreed for this, animals like this every day Would have been a victim of but the donkey never got green grass


fox story in english, The donkey was worried. The fox was no longer meant to mean that his job was done. The donkey was now able to understand that the fox had worked with him. After that day the donkey did not help him, so children We should not do this if we work with someone, If you have such a story then you can send us here and we will publish your story here, we should also help him if you liked this story, then share it further and tell us also.

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