Diamond or stone story in english language

Diamond or stone story in english language

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Diamond or stone story in english language


Diamond or stone story in english language, One day a man was passing through the forest, then he found a huge diamond lying down. The man lifted the diamond; he started thinking, ‘what kind of stone is it because it shines very fast and such a stone I have never seen


Perhaps this is a precious stone and he kept the diamond in his pocket when he was picking up the diamond, then a thief had seen him and thought that whenever he alone will find me, I will rob him.


The thief thought that if I found it then I had no need to do anything and followed the man when I was going to the diamond with a man, then another man appeared from the front and said that he Close is a strange stone that shines very fast


You can tell what it is when he pulled out the diamond from his pocket and showed it, then the man began to think that it is beyond my understanding that what is the matter because I have never even seen this where that person Said that when I was in the middle of the forest, I found it lying somewhere


Then the man said that you can show a sonar with that he is able to tell something about it because such things keep that same thing and as soon as the person thought that I would go and show the goldsmith in the market, Find work

Because it shines thief thought that before it goldsmiths selling it I should take me away from such and must be retained by the thief who snatched it from her hand and ran away when I was running thief came lion in front Lion from his hand by fear thieves he fell Diamond and Lion was seeing the thief ran away and as he ran lion came the man from behind ran behind him, he had his diamond again Ua saw and he lifted.


Diamond or stone story in english language, And walked toward the market came to the goldsmiths and she showed him Goldsmith said it is too precious to give you a lot of money that money man Goldsmith to come back to village and he’s also got a lot of money, which he purchased their lots of land and began to spend the rest of life. If you liked this story then please share it further and tell us also.

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