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cute short love story

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This is the story of the love of a village, a boy and a girl lived in that village, who used to love each other very much, but what does not all like it in the village, they do not consider it good, they always hide They used to get paid, nobody knew them,


One day they both went along the banks of the river, both of them sat talking on the same thing, they used to do the same thing about how both of us would get married, because the village would never agree to this thing, both were saying this, At that time his eyesight was on the river, there was a stir,


Both saw that a fish has come out of the water waves, it is ready to go into the water, but the distance of water is far from that fish, both of them picked up the fish and left it in the water, only then the village’s pundit He stood on, saw that his mind is clean, and they both have a sense of kindness,


The Pandit called them to him and asked what both of you were doing here, both of them told the Pandit, all said Pandit said that both of you are very good, and that which is good will always be good with them. That is, the priest said that your marriage will definitely be, most talk about it,


When the Pandit told everyone, before nobody even considered this thing, but on a lot of thought, everyone accepted the advice of the Pandit, and they got married, one can do a lot, therefore, we always do good work. If only then our life will be very good,

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